Malang City is famous as an education center. This city has various best universities such as Brawijaya University, Malang State University, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, and Malang State Polytechnic. Apart from that, this city has become a tourist city because of its charming nature surrounded by mountains and the air which tends to be cool. Malang is also famous as the city of flowers because of the many flowers that decorate the city. Malang City is known as a city of arts because of the many arts typical of this city, from dances to performances, such as the Malang Mask Dance.

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City Spotlight : MUSEUM ANGKUT

Malang still remains a tourist destination that mash great demand. This is evidenced by the always hectic tourist destination Jatim park 1 and 2. Batu night spectacular or BNS, waterfalls cuban rondo, apple orchards and nature tours selecata.
jatim park group adds one more tourm bahasaist destinationsthat is unique and interesting to visit namely musem transports. From the name alone we can already guess that it is probably in it is transportation. But it is probably different from the museum2 transport to another because the number of collection in them very complete from all countries in the world.